Thursday, January 25, 2007


我们在寻找真爱的故事.如果你想参与我们的on air节目,分享你经历过的曲折离奇的爱情故事,千辛万苦最后还是在一起.




Anonymous said...

Hi Yongmei

I'm your regular listener.I would like to comment that in all your programmes, I hardly hear you sharing about information about you & your spouse while the topic is related to it.You frequently mention about your friends and seldom share about your own personal experiences.I would like you to share more about your own experiences (just like most DJ who are more willingly to express their views, be it positive or negative)
n all,I just want to highlight these points and I look forward to your more 'improved' programme.

Happy New Year

Ms Ng

Anonymous said...

yalo... dun u always said u wan real life example? your experience will be the best on the list.. esp why didnt u have a baby... age is catching up you... gotta jia you jia you wor..

Anonymous said...


I need your help urgently. I am having a wedding dinner this week and I don't know what clothes to wear as my arms are quite big and I am quite plump too and not forgetting my butts are big too. So I would appreciate if you could suggest what to wear for fat woman like me to make me look slimmer.


Anonymous said...

True love does exist? I am begining to doubt it, seems that nowadays everyone can be in and out of love in a very short period of time. Life is too practical ? Still thinking of a person after twenty years, does it mean love or just that you never be together makes you feel that you miss him.

Anonymous said...

Hi yongmei, saw you hosting at the Chinatown light up last Saturday. Nice qipao and you look good on it. Do you have any good recommendation of shifu that can sew nice and not expensive qipao ?


Anonymous said...


I find that you do not reply to the comments or discuss on air the topic that were put up in the bolg, is it that you did not go into your blog or you can't be bother. Then in the first place, what is the motive or purpose of having a blog for all DJ?

Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei,

i agreed with most listeners that you did not response to the questions asked in your blog. that also applys to Bi Yu's blog as well. It makes us wonder if you actually read or pay attention to our comments/questions. this will make us lose interest in your blog

Anonymous said...

Hi Yongmei,
May I know when Hongyu will host his talk for those above 40 if they want to start doing business?

I too notice u dun reply to questions asked. Why??????


Anonymous said...

咏梅是一个狂妄自大的人, about regular listeners' comment, either don't reply or reply in a way that if you like it you take it or just leave it.

HL said...

To Anonymous:

Mind your words.

Respect others if you want others to respect you.

Don't accuse anyone of anything when things don't turn out the way you want it to be.

Go figure

叶咏梅 said...

Ms Ng,

Guess you didn't listen closely to my programme, i've always shared my views my life and spouse on air until i am afraid people will think i shouldn't be too personal on air. As for my relationship, I would like to keep it low profile. In previous posts, I've expressed my feelings towards my loved ones in this blog.

haha, baby question i've answered in previous posts. Some women are lucky to have babies, i'm not the lucky one.

Rina, is your wedding dinner over. oh no, will try to help you if i find pics which i can post in this blog. sorry for the delay.

To those who didn't get my reply. MY BLOG IS DOWN if you have noticed. Can't see full screen, thought it's virus attack. Trying to get friends to solve the problem and now suddenly i can see my blog. sorry for the delay. If you are a friend, you wouldn't accuse me of being proud. Sigh...Can we all be nice to people we know instead of accusing them and putting all the blame on them thinking that will make you feel better?

Besides, I've got to work, do housework and balance my part time studies too. This few weeks will be busy as i will be trying out new year dishes. cooking reunion dinner esp for my mum this year. My mum is complaining i dun spend enough time with her already.

Yup! hongyou and zhiwei planning their 40s start business talk. But recently both of them very busy. Will let you know when i get confirmed info.

Meanwhile, enjoy new year preparation and be happy in what you do!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucky Lady,remember me...(ibelive i'm the only one addressing u this way hee hee..)mayb not.Anyway,i like to congratulate u again for ur professional approach.You acted and reply comments profesionally and made your meaning known..really love your's style.pls do not feel offended when sometimes understanding gets misinterpreted.I was once like this Anonymous.But truth is when being felt ignored u 'll think negatively and become impolite and ended passing wrong remarks to seek attention..i like to apolozised on behalf for this ?????(Anonymous)And pls (Anonymous) Yongmei is not what u think she is...ok and i love to hear her happy voice on air with hongyou and not to be disturbed by negative remarks.I belived all her's fans listening to 97.2 knows her.Cheers lucky lady...With regards...rotciv

Anonymous said...

Dear Yong Mei
Just read your reply. Can really empathize with your schedule. You're already doing a great job. Life's tough but it still goes on. Jia You!
Have a great new year ahead!
Warmest Regards
Aunty Pigeon

P.s. Regards to LeeLian & Fenying too as they're are also juggling their career and family as well.
It's not easy as I'm just like you all. Jia You! Jia You!....

Anonymous said...

thank you Yongmei for ur reply, I'm looking forward to Hongyou's talk. Hope it won b 2 long. both of you make great pair,I enjoy all your topics vry much. I'm d 1 who stay in ofc during lunch so I won miss ur programm between 12-1pm.

May I know who that little girl is who said '很美leh!'she sound so cute.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei,

I enjoy listening to your program and try to tune in your 97.2 whenever i hv the time, i hv seen all the DJ on the website but can u do me a favour, i hv always listen to Hong Yu's voice n curious to see how he look like, could u put a pic of him on your website pls.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

ya, Yongmei, was curious how Hong You look like, or does Hong You have any blog or maybe could u put pic of him in yr blog?

叶咏梅 said...

soon you will get to see him on webcam! haha! our new studio has this feature. but he is off station AGAIN next week! sigh...

Anyway, i understand we get sensitive sometimes when people we love ignore us. i used to doubt my ex boyfriends when they didn't reply my messages or didn't spend enough time with me. i will think they dun care about me etc. Recently, when i tried to get an interview with hongkong famous 风水师苏民峰,he made me wait for almost 2 weeks. hongyou said maybe he is snobbish 大牌,i thought so. but last weekend, he tried to squeeze me within his busy schedule to do the recording.

so, please try to empathise with other people. For all we know, 我们可能误会了他。



Anonymous said...

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