Tuesday, December 05, 2006



2) 爱下厨,访问当天她还赶着回家煮饭!
3) 不爱保养,目前都是用即将expire的护肤品
4) 因为工作所以买名牌货。访谈这天穿的衣服售价四位数!哇!
5) 曾有富有的人想保养她。

更多有关张思丽及我们对美姐的误解都会在这个星期,1.15pm幸福快一点慢慢揭晓! Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Yong Mei, anyway to extend this segment. Feel is too short to air the interview.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Yongmei,

I have attended a social etiquette course conducted by Ms Teo Ser Lee during my office in-house training session as my organisation had invited her to conducted the training. I must say that Ms Teo is really a very beautiful lady in person and she is very humourous and knows how to liven up the training session. All of us really enjoyed her lessons and hope that the session will extend longer. She is very professional in answering our questions and showed great patience in teaching us the social manners for dinning and business meetings. Thus, I looked forward for your interview with her throughout this week. By the way, I liked your programme very much and do keep up the good work!! Jia You!!!



Anonymous said...

幸福快点来这单元太短了,结束时有时也没交待,听得起劲时却播歌,听完一首又一首,广告也完了却出现另一个单元,才知道已经没了.有点一头雾水. 希望能有点改进啦. 谢谢.