Sunday, October 08, 2006


 哭了。。。其实昨天在舞台上还真觉得有些难过。。。 Posted by Picasa


hc said...

Heard the programme on air. Glad to know that all 972 DJ are so close like a big family. Also so touching to hear Xioa Ying shed tear. She has been doing very well and hope her effort will be rewarded soon. Very upset that Billy is leaving but believed Biyu will be more upset since she is on very good term with Billy. Hope he could return soon. Well done, pls maintain the good attitude!

叶咏梅 said...

well, the day after billy left, i received a call from a guy who said "After Billy left, you all are going to die, nobody will listen to your station."

was quite affected by that. but, i told myself, as long as there is one listener who appreciates our programmes, i will do my best for that listener.

All our djs put our heart and soul into our programme, if one choose to ignore that, i really have nothing else to say.

DJ Kevin said...

you know what..
The person who will feel most sad about the comment is BILLY.

People are always so extreme with what THEY think. So what if you dun like.. you dun have to influence people with your thoughts or affect people's moood.

I normally choose to ignore those people who is trying to make me unhappy cause i really put in my 100% to do my work!

nicole hah said...

yong mei dun be so sad la! who's say nobody will listen love 972, juz the stupid only! dun too care what people say, different peple different words. i will always support u all. jia you!

小叮当 said...


Huilin said...

Heck this call la...don't be disheartened.

I believe that listener has his own judgement where things are judged in his own context which is necessarily untrue.

Jia You....I believe all the DJs hard work would pay off one day.

Ganbatte ne!

Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei,

Seriously, don't be bothered by such comments. These people who made such comments doesn't really know what they have missed from a good radio station-Love 972!

Every now and then, DJ comes and goes, programmes changes, DJ change shift etc etc, but what remains true is that all Love 972 DJs put their heart at work to come out programs that touches people's heart. I have been a great follower, although I can't listen to radio all day. But at the least, I try to listen whenever I can on various segment.

From "Kai xin da nau Zhong" to "Jin bao bai fen bai" to "zui ai xia wu cha" to "zui ai shuang yin xiang" to "ye li tong xing", everyone of you focus on setting the right mood and topics for the part of the day.

I can only put my two thumbs up and say,: "Keep up the good work" and you have all the Love 972 supporters behind the station!

CV said...
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CV said...





小胖 said...

well, it's impossible that nobody will listen, because...

1) while tuning a new radio, some people will have to tune in for at least a split second.

2) i will listen.

3) that guy who called you listened, although Billy had already left. (what's more? we even have other responders above who have voiced out to say that they will listen.)

so i hereby declare that his statement is self-contradictory and it's proven to be a false claim. keke. ;)

alright, i know i'm being boliao, but yea the whole pt is that if something is not true, let's just toss it behind our heads, yah? :)