Saturday, September 30, 2006


因为她值得! Posted by Picasa


||. Moon .|| said...

Yong mei, tell Wendy: Moon's grandma and many old folks miss her TV show 黄金年华 many yrs back, no male partner of hers can host as well as hers!! Her 口才 is super the good meh!! When is she going to appear on TV again?? She n Violet host the 5-8pm full of fun and laughters! tks for the liveliness esp driving home after a day of tiring work, it's relaxing to hear their laughters! All d best Wendy & Violet :) :)

hc said...

Agreed with Moon. Wendy is pretty and capable. She shld appear on TV more. Is she from Taiwan also? Let her know, we support her and best of luck to her so she will be recognise soon!!