Saturday, September 30, 2006


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chunlie02 said...

well dreess Yong Mei,Jia You!!!
Although u can't get "zui qin qie DJ Awards" but to me u r very qin qie, through 97.2 radio listen to voice, i can sense it. Never mind, next year jia you, u have my wishes. Wo hen xi huan nin de jie mu.
Thanks Yong Mei, wei wo men dai lai na me hao de jie mu.

Best Wishes
From: Zhang Chun Lie, Batam Island

Jo said...

why yr afternnon tea talk always ask listeners wanna wish upon the moon, can wish upon other things not?? wish upon shooting star maybe more 灵验!!哈哈哈。。。。den the 做个有钱人话题on for quite long liao, can change something else not?? A bit boring liao...No $$$$ also can be happy duh...