Monday, September 11, 2006


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rainbowhtxl said...

What is your chicken's name? Very cute! I have a soft toy dog too! It's name is Daisy!

叶咏梅 said...

chicken's name is ginger. (from chickenrun)

Recently got to know that some people feel uncomfortable with my closeness to her and think i muz be out of my mind. When u duno me, you wouldn't understand why i'm bringing her wherever i go. ;) will be xtra careful next time with new friends esp.

Anonymous said...

a, a, a.....i only got to listen to your program recently, however, i got this feel that u r one of those "bo-chap" type, never bother by what people think....just carry on with what you think is right and comfortable, why bother to be extra careful? u run your own life path, agree?! (of cos, not necessary to agree lah)

Helen Theng Lim said...

I am more interested where you get
those clothing and accessories for your chicken?