Saturday, July 08, 2006

Farewell thailand...

 It's been a week since we are back from bangkok and i didn't miss it at all. The weather wasn't bad at all, i think its becos of the bad experience we had. Last saturday morning, we woke up pretty early, had our breakfast and were thinking of shopping or walking around the city. One cab driver recommended a place where we all think muz be a wonderful "wholesale center" with cheap stuff. Never did we thought he would bring us to a tourist package tour "sure visit" jewelery center. of course we were mad and demanded he drived us back hotel. His friendly attitude changed drastically. He demanded we visit another similar centre so that he could claim petrol voucher. we refused and u noe what he did? He said "if you dun go then get out of my car!". He doesn't even want his cab fee of 60 baht.

That was really bad attitude. If he had told us earlier, at least we can decide for ourselves if we want to go or not.

If i'm alone, i'll definitely get out and take another cab. Jianbin was kind enough to agree to his rude request.

Another colleague, lucy said she encountered this before twice. So, i had a very bad impression of bangkok cabbies. i dun feel save in them. Which is why i stayed in hotel sat nite instead of going to their nite market.

Dun think will be back again. But i muz say their BOOTS body products are damn cheap! Posted by Picasa

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