Sunday, June 18, 2006


Was watching Oprah's programme on the above. If you missed it, feel very strongly that i should let u noe.

A lot of girls dream of walking down the aisle with their prince charming, but when u have second thoughts and cold feet, do you still tell the sweetest lie "I DO"??
I always believe in trusting your instincts, follow your heart. You have to be true to yourself. I used to think that saying the truth will hurt a lot of people, but by keeping it all to yourself, you are directly hurting yourself more. If you have cold feet about your forthcoming wedding, read on. It's what i summarise from the speakers of the programme.

1) if all of your considerations is hurting him and his family, you are shrinking
inside and shrinking woman don't make good wives.
2) Don't deny your feelings, feelings are there for you to examine and deal with ,
not to deny and walk away.
3) cold feet is the whisper in you life, telling you something is not right.
4) joy will come in marriage when u live in truth.
5) The planning of wedding sometimes distract you from paying more attention to how
to make your marriage work instead.
6) Wedding shouldn't be a chance for you to show off how grand the dinner is, how
expensive your man has given u the "ROCK".
7) Some girls have doubts about getting married but didn't call off the wedding
becos of the amount of $ u have spent or invested in your wedding, think thrice.
If your wedding doesn't work out, divorce is going to cost u and him more. Also
consider yet again, is your life, your marriage only worth this amount?
8) When its your big day and you are having doubts about it, you keep telling
yourself you have to do it anyway, you don't have a choice, that's gonna be a BIG
mistake in your life.
9) get out of your fantasies about marriage and start to live in the real world,
live in truth, then you'll ensure you have a healthy marriage ahead.
10)marriage help us know who we are.

Read Dr Robin Smith's book "Lies at the Altar." if you have doubts about your partner. Doesn't matter whether you are married or not, it provides questions to help you figure out what r you struggling in your relationships or marriage.

If you still have cold feet about your upcoming wedding and your final decision is to put a STOP to it, you have my full support. You are not alone, dun worry, it's better to say sorry than be sorry later.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry for posting here cos I can't find yr email. I managed to catch yr program on the D.I.S.C. After hearing it, I suggest that u change the person hosting it with u cos he got his facts wrong. I done this test before thus knew the topics.

The creator of D.I.S.C basically divide people into 4 major charactor. All have their their own list of good and bad behaviours and no one will have all of it cos it also depend on your next high etc.

To state that high D means high ego, is wrong. High people tents to be more forceful but more direct. Thus more able to take direct 'pi ping'. High I people tents to be more high EQ, or u might say they r likely to say things that people want to hear and less likely want to hear too direct talks.

So who do u think will have higher egos? It doesn't matter which one of it a person is high in, high ego can hit anyone. U should talk to Cai Li Lian. She had did a topic on D.I.S.C. She was reading from a book and she got it more accurate than the so call expert guy.