Sunday, May 07, 2006


 为了维护她的安全,我不会透露是在那里见到她。她居住在某一个巴士车站附近的草丛。她害怕人群。见到骑单车的人经过,她会拼命地逃跑。她相信自己。尽管有一餐没一餐,她完全靠自己存活了几个月。你看过电影EIGHT BELOW吗?雪地里的狼狗就是靠自己的毅力存活了几百天。






希望小黑今天不会挨饿。 Posted by Picasa

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xiao bai said...

So touched when i read this post, almost moved to tears. I love animals too especially those abandoned by their owners....sometimes wonder why human beings are so cruel: when they love their pets, they showered them with love and care but the moment the feelings are gone, they could just abandon their pets!! Your 'xiao hei" may or may not have an owner before but if i encounter it, i will be doing the same thing like you: caring and feeding it just to ensure it is not starving and thinking of it wondering how is its well being.....Hope one day i save enough $$$$ to establish a home something like SPCA to keep all these abandoned animals like xiao hei,etc.This is my ambition on top of taking good care of old folks and cancer patients which presently i am doing. Yong Mei,i've been yr listener since FM100.3 till today, so work hard n all the best. Also, i hope you can continue to see xiao hei and care for it.Jia u lo! :) :) rgds always