Saturday, April 15, 2006

Wow! Almost 2 months never update my blog!!!

Wasn't busy with work. (not much job, or rather no job)
Wasn't busy with love life. (he is busy with work and Singapore Intl Film Fest)
Wasn't busy with exercise. (In fact, since the change of shift to 2pm - 5 pm, haven't been to the gym since)
Wasn't busy with chiken. (cos i haven't even done eye makeover job for her.)
Wasn't busy with friends. (the last time i went out with a friend is about 2 weeks ago, where i had afternoon tea with jean. My chiken's godfather has gone on vacation too.)
Wasn't busy with watching movies. (i missed audrey tatou's russian dolls. sigh..but according to critics, it's 2 star!)

So wat am i busy with?

Am busy with Psychology tutorials. Am not that kind of brilliant student who can finish tutorial within 3 hours and score! My final tutorial before exams took me almost 2 days to finish. From conducting experiments to reading different textbooks and understanding them and finally applying them to my tutorial. I woke up early today and targetted at finishing it latest 2 pm. In the end i finished at around 6 pm. Nearly faint cos from morning till 6pm, i onli had a cup of coffee.

But i tell myself, i have gotta reward myself after a hard day's work. So i treat myself to coffee club dinner at takashimaya. baked macaroni with ice rambutan and most importantly ELLE TAIWAN magazine, that's the best company for me on a saturday nite!

But 2moro onwards, i've gotta start organising my psychology notes and start revising. Exams fall on May 18. I like the subject, it's interesting but i hate the process of going through exams.

It's good that i'm not as busy as last year. I've more time with myself, my favourite books and magazines and chiken.

Take it slow....enjoy this moment! Cheers!

(P/S: chiken's taiwan photos will be updated in this blog pretty soon. and next thurs, am going for photoshoot at weekhim's studio, will update photos too. VISIT CHIKEN & MUM SOON!!!!)


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