Saturday, February 18, 2006

My very first branded item!

and it's a christmas gift from a friend who works in mtv! Kate Spade is well known for the handbags and shoes! but i never own one of the accessories though i love their design very much.

this is a simple makeup bag. can put a lot of stuff.

My "boy"friend told me, i should invest in a branded handbag. juz one will do, so that when i attend impt functions, i wouldn't look cheap. Although i love gucci bags very much. never own any. once i saw a design which i like. it costs $1000! The most i will pay for my handbag is $200! I can afford it, but do i need to splurge on that!

Its like i love to own a tiffany diamond ring. used to have it but was returned. Never expect your boyfriends or husbands to buy for you. I always believe woman should be financial independent enough to buy expensive gifts for ourselves. Posted by Picasa

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