Thursday, February 23, 2006

My BIG Breakfast!

 I will be back to work next mon, tues and wed and then....i'll be off to taipei for training till Mar 9 with Bukoh Mary and Chungqing.will be back on air Mar 10.

下着雨的星期四早上,我享用着翡翠的著名菠萝叉烧包及 用St Michael 买的咖啡豆泡的意大利咖啡。我很喜欢早晨及即将下雨天黑黑的时候。记得麦之华曾经告诉我,她最害怕即将下雨的时候,感觉天好象快要塌下来似的,很恐怖。而我最害怕就是太阳快要下山,接近黄昏的时候。



好啦,今天要赶完我的功课。稍后也会去SGH看DR TAN。希望不必动手术。

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all the best, hope u dun have to undergo any surgery. Take care!

叶咏梅 said...

The cyst is 4.5cm wide big. That's what worries my gynae. According to my gynae, it will grow bigger and bigger and might cause cancer. But he said at my age, the probability of it being cancer is not so high.

So, right now, i'm taking hormone pills and hopefully in 2 months' time, the cyst will disappear. If not, i've got to do a surgery. It'll be day surgery.

And ladies, please please go for your ultrasound and pap smear examination. Dun worry if you are still a virgin. It's best that you have "it" examine once a year.