Monday, February 06, 2006

i'm not going to take up any challenges from now on

As i'm typing this msg, i feel like crying.

they have this stupid mask game, where u have to put colors, flour etc on your face. They say the most creative dj win 15 mins. and in the end they want the audience to vote. of course indians will vote for their indian dj, and malay and students who are free are around to support their dj. and our station, mostly aunties at home doing housework. This is not creativity, it's just headcount. so unfair.

i dun mind making a fool of myself and dirtying myself but if the judging criteria so unfair, why should i continue to make a fool of myself?

so, i'm not going to make things difficult for my station or for the next dj xiaoying. so, i'm going to stay back till wed 1 pm, but i reject taking anymore challenges.

if they say cannot, then too bad. i'm opting out. You know how my room looks like now? full of shit. they should have done this game on stage! i'm going to sleep in this dirty room for 2 nites!

And one male listener b4 game try to say he supports me and wat knot and you know when i'm on stage looking dirty, he chose to pass wet tissue to other djs and not me.

when i finished washing my face, he even tried to be friendly. I totally ignore him.

so, do all of you think i should accept challenges? i know i'm losing anyway. i accept challenges becos i am trying to be sporting.

alright. i'm very depressed now. and people are still taking photos. i'm going to sleep.


Anonymous said...

humph.. wat kind of supporter is tat.. anyway.. shuting d mouth for so long.. is already a torture.. still must play games.. haix..

me said...

dun worry i support whatever u do...ignore those who think otherwise of u. U have the right to do what u want.