Sunday, February 05, 2006

Alright! 70 hour challenge has just started for me!

Here i am at taka civic plaza taking over marcus position. Have to remain silent from now till wed 1 pm. not confident that i'm going to make it cos all my competitors all male!

Anyway, will try my best. You can visit me here. i will be staying overnite. sleeping on the message chair. now its so rowdy here cos they are conducting stage games. thought i have more time reading, watching vcds.

shall play with my chiken now.

oh yah, tune in our station. will need everyone's help to vote. if i have the lowest vote i will have to take up the "fEar factor" challenge. really hope i dun have go thru that.


cuishan said...

went to visit u 10mins ago lilian saw me but u busy reading so u didnt see me btw sorry didnt bring porridge for u cos the porridge become rice le cook too long liao then u cannot eat rice mah so didnt bring out
hope u will win jiayou .. u look good today drink more water

叶咏梅 said...

972 is losing out. firstly becos marcus have to leave early cos he got gao xiao xing dong 2moro. i certainly hope we are not the last one otherwise all the efforts will be wasted. heard 2moro there is the beauty mask challenge and the mealworms challenge. the one with the least votes will have to use your hands to hold worms! yUCKS RIGHT??? OTHER challenges include BLINDFOLD SURPRISE, STOMP, SURPRISE COCKTAIL.

juz now i'm the last one for the pingpong relay. cos you are suppose to use pingpong bat to bounce the pingpong 7 times. my pingpong ball flew off stage. luckily no punishment juz lost a chance to increase 50 mins to my score.

The music here very loud. duno how to sleep. and the pc can't watch dvds. i bought da chang jin also no use.

jaz said...

eh what happened to other female djs from other stations? all out already?

叶咏梅 said...

mary is from 933. the rest all male. 987 send a handsome dj by the name of shawn. so many gals loved him.

Anonymous said...

Jia you for your marathon. hee hee.

DJ Kevin said...

how ha how ha

Beauty-conscious said...

Hi Yong Mei

Try your best! By the way you will have a break right? or are suppose to stay here for the next 70 hours!

cuishan said...

jia you hope u have enough time to go toilet haha ..
maybe can get someone to install a dvd player to connect to ur pc