Sunday, January 29, 2006


It's the year of the dog!ROCK ON GROMIT!!!

May all the readers WANG WANG WANG!!!! Didnt sleep well yesterday, was dreaming all the way from year of chicken to dog....had 4 different dreams!!!

One of them was kevin dejiang and me shopping in yishun and after we left, i suddenly remember i left gromit in one of the shops! was rushing back to find it when i woke up!

The year of the dog is very crucial for me. There will be major changes happening to my life this year, both good and bad. My psychology degree course will start right after chinese new year, my contract will end this year, am trying to persuade my mum to join parkinson support group to improve her illness....and many other things on my list.

Am clearing my leave this month. will be back on air only on weekends until early march.

Initially i was planing to go europe but there's training on 20th where me, mary and chongqing will be going taipei for attachment.

my mum was saying," wah! go on leave so long! so boring, wat do you plan to do?"

5 R.....
Rest, Read, Rethink my life, Rejuvenate, Regain my passion.

Needed this break for a long long time.

will be back soon! take care! Thanx for all your new year sms messages! Posted by Picasa

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DJ Kevin said...

oh my god
im in your dreams...

Well to decipher the dream im in..
it means you are afraid to loose something...not exactly the dog..might be something else..