Sunday, January 29, 2006

DJ Hunt...more pics!!

okie, who do you think is the most successful makeover DJ??? notice whats on my nose? that's my sunglasses's price tag! I think my makeover is quite sucessful. I'm suppose to be the mannequin.

A lot of shoppers stopped to guess if i'm real. I successfully scared a few kids. a group of secondary school gals actually came back for a 2nd look to make sure they are right. an auntie said she can't believe i'm a real mannequin, scared the hell out of her.

well, it's tough remaining in the same position and not talking for 1 and a half hours!

Speaking of which, i'm going to participate in this Radio 70th anniversary gag. I will have to stay in a non aircon room and remain silent for 70 hours. it's going to be tough. i can't cough and sneeze..and they are going to scare or make funny faces to make me laugh and scream.

if we can tahan for 70 hours, $70,000 will be donated to our charity organisation.

And you can help me! i heard if i'm able to get more votes, i dun have to go through the fear factor thing. heard the one with the least votes have to touch something scary.

Do go to my blog next sunday. i'll be online to chat with you all. BUt dun write anything that will make me laugh hor. it's

i juz hope i won't fall sick... Posted by Picasa

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