Monday, January 02, 2006


Didn't get to take pic with all 3 grasshopper members....BUT, yijie and yizhi are very friendly. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! wonder how u celebrate new year and wat kinda of wishes you make?

My new year wishes????

1) May people i love continue to be happy and healthy.
2) May my mum's condition gets better and better. me translating parkinson book for her. so that she can understand her illness better and face it with more hope.
3) May i become popular and make $ for my company....sigh...this is a difficult wish....
4) May i achieve a perfect body. (gonna get a personal trainer to ensure i see results)
5) May my dress sense,hairstyle improve...
6) May i face lesser problems with my studies.
7) Hope my piano teacher will remain in singapore..sob sob...i love her so much
8) May i become more clever and confident!
9) May i have a white christmas this year! achieve all these...i juz have to think less and just DO IT!!! Posted by Picasa


DJ Kevin said...

yes yes

i must say the grasshoppers are really nice friendly people

Jesline26 said...

read more books and bring her to the right doctor and chant more prayers for her ..she will overcome her sickness one.. dont worry too much glad that u are close to ur mum now..