Saturday, December 24, 2005


Haven't been updating my sorry....i noe my friends will still visit the site once in a blue moon and find out how have i been getting along.

1) Well, past 2 weeks was spent on shopping for xmas presents and wrapping them!

2)Paid my school fees. yup! Psychology degree course will start right after chinese new year. i will be taking juz one course which requires me to do 3 assignments within half a year. going to take it slow. cos i haven't been studying TEXTBOOKS for 10 years and i dun need to get the degree so urgently.

3) Dressed up my chiken for christmas. show u more pictures soon!

4) Bought a shanghainese language tape and book. I'm serious about learning shanghainese.

5) My piano teacher leaving philippines with her hubby soon. Really missed her classes....she loves my chiken. wonder if i'm able to find another teacher who can take my nonsense...sob sob...

6) And will put on braces probably around chinese new year. can anyone tell me how painful will it be and for how long after i put my braces.

MERRY XMAS!! Posted by Picasa


zora said...

Merry Xmas to you too!

cuishan said...

yongmei please be careful if u put on braces first thing it will be painful for abt 3 days .. like 30 ants bite like tat ..2ndly do not eat things like spagetti and noodles very easy to stuck on the braces and clog there difficult to clean.. u will find difficulty biting things with braces

at ur age the ideal timelength to put is two years cos quite difficult to make the teeth very neat le as the teeth have more or less fixed position..

well if u still have jiamin's contact can email him and ask cos he specialise in orthodontics but guess his fees will be high even for asking Cheers.. good luck hope u dont end up with sore gums like wat i have 13yrs ago

叶咏梅 said...

well, i've got a dentist already! He promise that i onli have to wear it for half to one year. my teeth is quite neat except for one. so i guess, it should take less than a year.
Alright, can onli do it on the week of chinese new year! haha!

CCL said...

where is my present?