Saturday, December 24, 2005

Guess who is Chiken's plastic surgeon?

Every sunday, the crew and hosts will be so bored on the bus cos we have to go 8 outlets to conduct draw and it takes up the entire day.

For me, my day starts as early as 7am to do makeup and by 830am, we're off to the first location. Normally, our "tour around the island" trip will finish by 5pm.

BUT....For chiken, her nightmare starts every sunday from the moment we stepped onto the bus. sigh...poor her. AN INNOCENT GAL LIKE HER, what has she done to deserve this...sob sob....

1) the producer, MONSTER CHIN, will threaten to cut her up and si3 wu2 quan2 shi1. mummy has to ensure chiken is well hidden so that no one will find her. She has to bring her to the toilet even!!!! cos NO ONE CAN BE TRUSTED, ALL POTENTIAL MURDERERS, KIDNAPPERS!!!!

2) Most of the time, artistes like her. Li jin mei saw me that day and asked how's my chiken. She is very popular leh. even GUANG LIANG remembered her! He asked where's my chiken when he came to our studio this year.

3) HOWEVER, there are people who are jealous of her popularity. Some "evil forces of the dark" will think of ways and means to torture her! I've a picture to prove what Osama bin zhen rong tortured her.

4) and....DR CHEN loves her so much that he attempts to perfect her br..... see picture for more info.

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