Saturday, October 22, 2005

2005 is my lucky year according to hongkong fengshui master SU MIN FENG. a lot of TAO HUA YUN, meaning strangers tend to accept me. Skin conditions improved tremendously, thanx to coslab. and most importantly i'm happy and thankful for what i have. The woman wearing black is my boss Agnes! She and our promo Samantha worked very hard to help me grab opportunities to appear on BIG SCREEN. Though i still think i'm photogenic only on print media, i will still do my best and grab hold of every opportunity that comes along. To me fame is not as important as friends. if i achieve fame, my circle of friends get smaller and smaller each time, i will not be happy. Posted by Picasa


Loos said...


DJ Kevin said...

I used to be famous and my circle of friends got even bigger.

I guess, the ones who got smaller are the circle of friends that you have now. No time to maintain ma, too busy liow.

But then, good friends are always there when you need them. Only those unworthy or acquaintences, gradually dissapear.
Anyway, we are all happy for you.

Anonymous said...


CCL said...

u famous or not famous
i will still be ur friend!
so happy to see u at a higher ground =D