Sunday, August 07, 2005

The sales gal sent lots of cute pics thru bluetooth to me! so friendly! I call my lovely phone "Sakura". Still like samsung phones more than any other brands. Although nokia is so use friendly but Samsung looks so "nippon" and cute! Was intending to change h/p, cos the present nokia $200 plus phone was bought when i lost my samsung phone in a cab. Haven't bought any new phone (with no contract) which is over $500. But this SGH E530 C was so tempting to the eyes! I walked into m1 shop just to check the price of sony ericsson's new phone W800i (if i didn't remember wrongly). Saw in Taiwan news that this model is so popular there cos it has mp3 storage facilities. Mine have too! But need to buy software...sigh.... Posted by Picasa


Jesline26 said...

Nice picture also getting new phone soon one for new handphone with pic and mp3 and another line for my gor..

glad to know that u are getting well now..

DJ Kevin said...

Waste money queen !!!!

Cold Lion said...

That's a cute pic.. :) I've saw those PDA phones my friends are using. There so many functions nowadays yet we don't use most of them. Maybe it's cool to own one.