Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Sleep is the best medicine!

They always say laughter is the best medicine, but i always thought sleep is better. A lot of times, after a nite's sleep, problems become clearer, you become more certain of things, your skin improves tremendously, part of the pain does go away.

I recover faster with a nite's sleep. Though the hurt still exists, but a new day has just begun, you have a chance to try again , to prove your worth. I'm lucky, there are people who hate to wake up and be reminded of their illness, their poverty, their homeless conditions and the worst of all, to find that your loved ones will never wake up again. I have been thru that experience and you always hope it's just a nightmare, continue sleeping and it will soon be over.

If i can choose my way of leaving this world, it would be through sleep. and peacefully i'm gone.

sigh....duno when will i have the confidence to really protect myself from unfair judgements or even to pretend that they have not said such nasty things to hurt you.Afterall i'm still human.

(I'm thankful to my chiken, she is always there for me when i need the "hug" of life.)

yup! its a new day. Smile and be happy. or at least act happy. Cos that's my job! haha...


锦源 said...
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DJ Kevin said...

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锦源 said...

Oops. deleted my previous post by accident. Sorry, new to blogger. :p Anyway, just wanna say Hi to Yong Mei.

叶咏梅 said... i know you jin yuan? You look like my neighbour leh.