Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Haven't got time to update my blog

Encounter problems with sending pics and writing chinese words at same time. So, haven't update my blog. AND....same thing happen, whenever i wanna update my blog, it logged off immediately.

Back in singapore yesterday 3 am. Did all the washing, unpacking and had a good homecooked dinner, post some pics and ZZZZzzzz.

This morning, practise piano piece "Moon River" (got piano class later), go thru magazines(gonna dump them in order to have more space to put more magazines), cooked lunch, do facial mask (pimples and freckles start appearing even though i apply a lot of protective layers in shangrila), started writing an article of china's xi1 wang4 xiao3 xue2.(help them get more $ so as to continue their education, hopefully i weekly will publish my article.)

Now, getting prepared to go for classes! not forgetting to buy 4D. if i win, all my readers will get something, okie? haha...

Bought lots of gifts....hope it's enough. actually most of my gifts were given to my listeners.

a lot of things to share about the trip. keep visiting this site for more!


mumble mumbled said...

so fast start writing liao... great! :)

btw, i'm no longer covering radio segment liaoz :(
u can get S to email ur article to SY...


DJ Kevin said...

Hurray !
I love presents !!

叶咏梅 said... presents all given away liao. you noe lah. china, only can get tea or dolls as presents. no $ to buy jade and tian zhu lah.hee hee

Seraphim said...

i want present!