Sunday, June 12, 2005

Flying to shangrila this thurs

Yup! i'm covering for fenying's job of bring 500 listeners to shangrila.

Was busy buying stuff to bring over there. Thanx to Coslab's Ernie and Dr Ler for generously donate 110 瓶 slimmer's choice and sunblock as gifts for the listeners. Juz now after my roving job, went to stationery shop to buy "paper" for kids of the mountains,希望小学。本来想买笔或颜色笔。但我想其他听众应该会买这些文具或糖果之类的。而折纸可以让所有山上的小孩一起通过折花,折星星,折小鱼及纸鹤,获得永久的快乐。(糖果只能让他们获得短暂的快乐。)我只想看到他们心满意足,打从心里发出会心的一笑。

老妈很担心我的身体状况,因为到目前为止没有同事陪我去。端午节哪天已经回家拜了祖先,希望他们保佑我平安啦。基本上只要不生病,再大的困难,我还是可以撑下去。 A listener told me the trip requires me to walk A LOT, she said when she went there few years back, she was practically walking every minute. She said she has never walked so much in her life.

Juz started writing my "TO BRING" list. gotta note down before i forget.

One thing i will definitely bring is .....

CHIKEN!!!!! Hope i can get her a tribal costume there.


Ivan said...

hey yongmei!!!

ur brother wei wen here. remember me? hey so how r u? lost ur no. last time cos i lost my phone lohz.. dat's why very long time never contact u.. only recently i accidentally found out dat u haf a blog from i-weekly.. can msg me so dat i noe ur no? haven seen ginger for a long time le.. wanna go visit u someday oso.. looking forward 2 ur reply k =)

wei wen

Ivan said...

ooops... juz realised u lost ur phone oso when i read on... msg me at 91057669 k.. never change my no =)

wei wen

编辑小组 said...

hey yong mei..
i went to shangrila nov/dec last yr to do CIP work. we interact w the kids and it was certainly an experience. they are really heartwarming and ... i cried when i left the place.
for us.. we din't get sweets for them cause our teacher explained that it will create a longing for them to want to get more ...
enjoy yourself there. do get medicine... alot of my friends got sick on the way there due to high altitude sickness. me myself got sick at bai shui tai. so eat vitamins. enjoy the experience...

Seraphim said...

start taking vits now.
go walk more distance
prepare some med to bring there

by the way
my turn to lost hp
mysteriously disappear in my office
lost hp = lost contact
so sms me ah!

DJ Kevin said...

Dr Ler ..
Quite a wierd surname leh...

Can i be Dr Duh...
After all im Duh Jiang

ECHO said...

Hi Yongmei

You should be enjoying the cool weather and beautiful scenery in Yunnam.

You did tell me that you don't like to travel to China. Hope the trip to Yunnam will change your mind.