Friday, May 13, 2005

Juicer Operation Procedures for DUMMIES

BUT wonder what happened to my internet connection. it's wireless broadband but the internet gets disconnect so easily. until i get so fed up. I dun have password, could it be that my neighbours tapped on my internet access leh? frustrated!!!!

Bought a new juicer yesterday. well, my colleague biyu is undergoing slimming at coslab. and i'm sort of accompanying her. My fitness instructor MAX (looks like wang xi) gave me a list of things to eat and take from breakfast to dinner. And one of it includes a mixed fruit juice consisting of tomatoes, pineapple and grapes.

So i happily bought a juicer and one big pineapple and other fruits. Came back, cut them up and put them in ziploc bags.

And this morning, when i switch on the juicer, put grapes inside. it doesn't work at all. Was rushing for work so i'll study the machine tonite.

Have been rubbing cellulite cream on my flabby arms and bloated tummy. FEEL LIKE CHILLI HOT. which means it's working!!!!

CHEERS TO A GOOD FIGURE IN a month's time lah...haha.
So not user friendly hor? juicer should be easy to operate mah. why complicate the process. sigh...sigh....


DJ Kevin said...

I just bought a blender leh!!
Everyday i blend ..
Ice coffee la..Juices la..

I also always use neutral flavour yakult to belnd with fruits...cause here dun have the rainbow colours yakult ma.. only the white one..

Cruz said...

kevin, you muz be enjoying life in hk now.. so much so that you have the time and mood to do dis kinda thing.. :P

DJ Kevin said...

I can be the next Auntie DJ of 972 liow. Know the first 2 right..
1. Billy
2. Chen Hong

oh well, maybe to match up with them, i have to wait 10 more years, when im 42 la, then on par. haha.