Monday, May 09, 2005

I'm Ah Sao

Yesterday's xinmin papers, a listener call in and complain that i shouldn't act cute cos i'm almost an ah sao auntie now.

I'm 32 going 33 this year. And i duno why he or she thinks i'm acting cute. That wasnt a image i'm trying to portray. I always wanted to be a sexy DJ. haha...

I've seen aunties who look cute even at age of 50. At least they are young at heart. why can't aunties be cute? why can't cute people be aunties?

there are people who are really "acting cute" however to some listeners they are funny. When listeners hate you, even your laughter is NOISE POLLUTION to them. Being in this industry for so long, i am already used to listeners writing hate mail or faxes to me. At least they bother to write in.

recently so many people wrote in to complain about ou jing xian, sharon ou and cao qi tai etc, feel sad for them. cos they put in a lot of hardwork. brought us so much laughter and knowledge. it's not easy to achieve all these, it's not easy to go thru what they have been thru in life but it's so easy for anybody to complain about their work and personality. guess they are used to it already.

well, i will always be a cute dj, cute lover, cute auntie and cute grandma in the future.

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DJ Kevin said...

Aiya.. they cannot act cute ma.. so they deprive you of acting cute loh..

Like i want to have a perfect body but cannot, so i feed those around me so fat, then they also cannot have the perfect body! haha

I want to endorse a slimming centre !!!!!!!!!!!!!