Monday, May 16, 2005


Well, 日有所思,夜有所梦。。。

Was thinking of doing full body checkup (that kind of checkup that can detect cancer leh) and visit a dentist (有四颗 蛀牙,4 holes which my tongue can feel).

Which is why i dreamt of seeing this doctor while it was raining so heavily outside. and the funny thing is the doctor has a copy of my teeth, the whereabouts of my蛀牙。after doing the medical checkup ,
he asks " how about your teeth?"
i said" but you are a family doctor"
he said" i'm a dentist too!"
I said"Really? i've got problems with 4 teeth."

and suddenly the clinic transformed into a dental surgery clinic, with people moving the dental chair in etc. My dream ended when i open the windows and saw more than 5 wild dogs jumping outside the window.

scary right? so i intend to see a dentist now.


it's so expensive seeing a dentist. I pull out one tooth last time becos it's too expensive to do a crown. $3000 leh! 4 teeth $12,000 leh! Should have married a dentist instead.....

Saw taiwan news, thunderstorms has taken away people's lives!!! can't believe it. my friend coming back from taipei this afternoon. hope d has a safe flight.... wonder if d will see 夏yi1 (cant find the word) in the airport tdy. heard she's going back taipei today.

Wish me good luck. Dun intend to go back my usual dentist cos he noes my ex.

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DJ Kevin said...

Mr Dream ever said...

Its not a good dream when you extract teeth..
It has bad meanings...

Take more care of those you love.